Derma 24 Carat Face Wash


Staying true to its name, Derma 24 Carat Face Wash takes the gold medal when it comes to combining natural ingredients to your skincare routine. Lemon, rose, honey, aloe vera, neem, along with other skin enhancing natural produce joined forces to give us this powerful face wash.

What are the benefits of using Derma 24 Carat Face Wash?

Derma 24 Carat Face Wash is an Ayurvedic product that combines the goodness of natural products like lemon, rose water, aloe vera, honey and neem to keep precious skin from the claws of any chemicals. They cleanse your face using these products that are 100% soap-free.

What are the contents of Derma 24 Carat Face Wash?

Each dab of Derma 24 Carat Face Wash is packed with Berberis Aristata, Symplocos Racemosa, Curluma Longa, Pterocarpus Santolinus, Rubia Cordifolia, Aloe Vera, Shorea Robugla, Law Sonia Intermis, Neem, Lemon, Rose Water and Honey.

How to use Derma 24 Carat Face Wash?

Take a small portion of it on your fingertips, apply it on your face and slowly start working on the lather. Once done, rinse it off with water. For best results, it is recommended to use Derma 24 Carat Face Wash twice daily.

What is the difference between Derma 24 Carat Face Wash and a normal soap?

A normal soap usually has a higher pH value which is not suitable for your face. Derma 24 Carat Face Wash, combined the qualities of herbal and natural cleansers, is specially designed to suit any skin type.

What is the importance of Ayurveda in skincare?

Humans are constantly attacked with numerous toxins and chemicals, from air pollution to our food products. Your skin gets constantly affected by these factors. Therefore, it is vital to use the natural ingredients that are only found in Ayurvedic products like Derma 24 Carat Face Wash.

Pack of 60 ml

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