Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream


“Many Skin Problems, One Solution” is what the Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream promises from this fabulous product. One tiny 25 gm of cream offers you solutions to 24 skin problems like herpes, psoriasis, eczema, scabies, burn, pruritus, bedsores, diabetic and non-healing ulcers.

What is Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream?

Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream is the answer to all your skin problems. You can apply this skin cream on any part of your body and get rid of any skin problem whether it be from burns to pimples or cuts to bedsores.

What does Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream do?

As the product tagline proudly displays, “Many Skin Problems, One Solution”, Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream truly is the solution to almost all the skin problems. Conceived by the brilliant minds at the Broad Biotech, this skin cream heals 24 skin conditions like herpes, insect bites, wounds and even ulcers.

What are the side effects of Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream?

When used in moderation, Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream has no noticeable side effects on the user. However, it is still recommended that you approach your doctor or a physician before applying this cream on your body.

How to use Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream?

As directed by your physician or your doctor, use the cream accordingly. In case of a mild issue, take a small dab on your fingertips and apply the cream on the affected area. Massage it thoroughly and let it rest for a while.

Why should you buy Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream?

Buying different creams for different skin conditions can not only be heavy on your pockets but also be bad for the environment. Investing in Derma 24 Carat Skin Cream, you are investing in a single cream that has solutions to 24 skin conditions!

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