Dr. Chopra Joint Fuel Capsule


Joint pain is becoming increasing common among the masses. But with traditional medicines made with the knowledge of Ayurveda, it is possible to treat them permanently. Dr. Chopra Joint Fuel Capsules are powerful supplements that improve your bone density and provide you with relief against common joint pain.

What is joint fuel capsule?

Joint fuel capsules are a complete package of supplements that work towards eliminating joint problems from your body. They relieve you off stress in your joints and improve bone density. They make you stronger and protect you against severe conditions like arthritis.

Can Ayurveda cure joint problems?

Ayurveda deals with two main problems of the joints. The first one identifies poor bone density and weak bone structure while the second one identifies joint problems due to the intoxicants in your body. Once Ayurveda diagnoses your condition, it begins curing your joint problems.

Is Ashwagandha good for arthritis?

Being an anti-inflammatory herbal ingredient, ashwagandha is a proven natural pain killer. It works with the nervous system and signals the brain to numb the pain. Thus, ashwagandha is a commonly used herb to treat arthritis.

Why should you not opt for steroid to treat arthritis?

Steroids are among the most effective ways of reducing joint pain. But they are harmful in the long run. They can induce acne, sleep disorders and even compromise your vision.

Besides, they can make you gain weight, which is not an ideal situation for you if you are already suffering from weak joints and arthritis.

Ayurveda does not advocate the use of steroids to relieve you off your pain. For this reason, it uses Ashwagandha as an alternative to steroids.

What other herbs are good for joint pain?

Turmeric, ginger, green tea and eucalyptus are good for reducing joint pain. Sacred fig, harar and cinnamon are some of the other herbs that aid in numbing the pain in your joints.

Pack of 60 Capsules

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