Dr. Chopra Mega Mass 4000 Powder 300 gm


Dr. Chopra Mega Mass 4000 Powder is a mass gainer supplement made from 100% organic ingredients. Besides being an excellent weight gainer protein, it also improves your recovery time.

What is the best time to drink mass gainer?

Mass gainer supplements should be taken during the anabolic window, which is a time frame of 20 minutes after your workout session. During this period, your body quickly absorbs all the nutrients and prevents them from converting into fat.

How much protein do I need a day?

The amount of protein that you should consume depends on your weight and the level of activity. For each kilograms, the recommended amount of protein is 0.8 grams per day. So, if your weight is 50 kilograms, your protein consumption should be 40 grams per day, given that you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Is Amla good for weight gain?

Amla is generally associated with weight loss and obesity but it is an excellent remedy for gaining weight. Amla regulates blood sugar levels and keeps your diabetes in check. It is a brilliant detoxifying agent, which helps improve your gut.

Through promotion of a healthy digestive system, it prevents your carbohydrates from turning into fat. This allows you to acquire less fat and gain more muscle mass, thus increasing your weight.

Can ginger help you gain weight?

Akin to amla, ginger is another antioxidant that is also an anti-inflammatory ingredient. It follows a similar process of helping you gain weight as amla. When consumed properly, ginger, too, can fight obesity and stimulate muscle growth in your body.

Which foods help you in gaining mass healthily?

Non-vegetarians have a variety of foods to choose from when it comes to gaining weight healthily. Red meat, chicken and eggs are some of the most popular choices among meat lovers. For vegetarians, dairy products are the main source of gaining mass. Lastly, vegans have an even more limited scope for getting their protein and fat intake. Fortunately, soy and almond are great choices for ensuring healthy muscle growth.

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