Dr. Chopra Slim Max Capsules


Dr. Chopra Slim Max Capsules are the ultimate way of losing weight in a healthy and simple manner. With the goodness of amla, chitrak, ginger, and black pithument, these capsules promote better digestion and rapid fat reduction.

Is amla good for weight management?

Amla has Hypolipidemic properties. It is anti-inflammatory. Amla allows you to bring your digestive system on track, so you don’t experience any stomach ailments such as gas, diarrhoea and acidity. It enhances your metabolism and assists in weight loss.

How beneficial is chitrak for weight loss?

Chitrak is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda. It has proven usefulness in weight loss. Since obesity is rapidly becoming a common problem, Ayurvedic treatment has begun to utlise chitrak as one of the main herbs for weight management. It is another antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb, which relieves you of joint pain and stimulates better digestion.

What do diet pills do?

Diet pills or weight loss supplements offer support in losing weight. They work in two ways; suppressing appetite or melting fat.

In the first case, they reduce your appetite by making you feel full whereas in the second case, they absorb everything that you feed your body and prevent the carbs from converting into fat.

Most weight loss pills are safe for consumption and do not pose threat in the long run. However, some may cause side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, headaches or constipation.

Are weight loss pills bad for you?

There is strong research that proves weight loss pills are benign. If anything, they speed up your weight loss journey. They boost your metabolism and rapidly melt fat.

The only time you should be concerned about diet pills being dangerous for you is when you overconsume or heavily rely on them. They can cause addiction, which is not considered ideal.

Is neem anti-inflammatory? How does it help you lose weight?

Just like other ayurvedic herbs, neem is yet another antioxidant. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate acidity and gas from your body. Drinking neem in warm water every day helps in fat breakdown and improves metabolism. As a result, you enjoy better digestion and quick weight loss.

Pack of 30 capsules

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