Dr. Chopra Tulsi Plus Xtra (Immunity Booster)


Dr. Chopra Tulsi Plus Xtra is a liquid immunity booster made of five types of tulsi, namely vana tulsi, rama tulsi, purple basil, lemon basil and American basil. With just a few drops in your tea or warm water, Tulsi Plus can make you healthier and stronger.

Is Tulsi good for immunity?

Tulsi is one of the most revered herbs in Ayurveda. It fights bacteria and germs to protect you against potential illnesses. Aside from helping you with acne, tulsi also allows you to restore your immune system to its original form. As a result, tulsi makes you healthier and stronger.

Can you take tulsi long term?

Being one of the only plants whose existence is found in most courtyards of old houses, tulsi can be considered safe for long-term use. When taken in moderation, it can be used orally for treating common illness.

Does mint strengthen the immune system?

Vitamins help combat microbes that may enter your body. They allow you to correct your digestion and prepare you against harmful bacteria. Mint is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A. When combined with tulsi, mint offers tremendous relief against flu and other illnesses caused due to a weak immune system.

Can Ayurveda help you improve your immune system?

Ayurveda is a home to the cure of several diseases. The three doshas of Ayurveda help correct problems of the entire body. Ayurvedic therapy significantly helps in improving your immune system. By taking your kapha, pitta and vata into consideration, you can become healthier in no time.

What are the best natural immunity boosters?

Ginger and garlic are an essential part of the Indian diet. This is because they are brilliant immunity boosters. Besides, probiotics like yogurt and buttermilk show quick results on the immune system. Adding green leafy vegetables can ensure you never have immunity problems again.

Net content : 20 ml

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