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Karela is a name we dreaded to hear in our childhood. Turns out, apart from the bitterness, karela does have a lot of medicinal benefits. The brains at the Himalaya has developed and packaged the goodness of karela in one tablet to maintain your glucose level, overcome insulin resistance and promote your metabolic wellness.

What is ‘Karela’?

Karela, known as the bitter gourd in the English speaking regions, is a vegetable that has a high amount of vitamin C in them. Widely grown in Asia, the Caribbean and Africa originated from Kerala, a southern state of India.

What are the benefits of Karela?

Karela, despised by many for the bitter taste, has incredible medicinal benefits. Some of them are – supporting the restoration of functional pancreatic beta cells that secrete insulin, maintaining healthy glucose levels and lowering bad cholesterol.

What is the composition of Himalaya Karela Tablets?

Every tablet of Himalaya Karela Tablet comes packed with 250 mg fruit extract of Momordica charantia which is also known as Karavellaka. Free from any artificial colours and flavours, sugar and preservatives, the tablets are 100% vegetarian.

How to use Himalaya Karela Tablets?

If you want to improve your metabolic wellness and regulate glucose, Himalaya recommends you to take 1-2 Himalaya Kerala Tablets twice daily or as instructed by your doctor.

What are the side effects of Karela?

Karela is widely consumed for its medicinal benefits but it does come with some side effects that might affect certain individuals. High intake of karela can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, low blood sugar and headache.

How to improve your metabolism naturally?

Himalaya Karela Tablet aids you in improving your metabolism using the medicinal benefits of karela. Other methods to improve your metabolism include eating plenty of protein, drinking cold water, lifting heavy weights, doing a high-intensity workout and eating spicy food.

Pack of 60 Tablets

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