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S and M Pure Whey Plus Powder is a protein supplement that stimulates muscle growth without making you compromise on your performance. It contains a combination of amino acids, multivitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fat to cater to your everyday dietary needs.

How much whey protein concentrate should your whey protein have?

Ideally, your whey protein should contain 80% protein concentrate and 20% fat and lactose. If it is less than 80%, your protein may not be entirely useful or healthy for your body because the amount of fillers may be more than the actual protein.

How many calories should your whey protein contain?

A regular serving of protein powder, which is 30g, should contain less than 120 calories. The fewer the calories, the easier it is to lose weight or avoid unhealthy fat. The numbers may change according to the type of protein powder you opt for.

What does aspartic acid do in the body?

The aspartic acid is responsible for maintaining a healthy nervous system. It ensures that everything is running normally. It keeps a check on hormone production and makes sure all your cells are functioning properly.

The acid is added to whey proteins to reduce lethargy and fatigue and improve performance.

Which whey protein is good?

Every person requires a different protein based on their dietary requirements and preferences.

For gaining muscles, choosing a whey protein that contains 5.5g of BCAA per 30g of serving is an ideal supplement. If you wish to lose weight, a high protein and low calorie whey is beneficial. Alternatively, a soy-based protein that contains sufficient digestive enzymes is the perfect choice for vegans.

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